24 Nail Glue Dots Double Side Sticker


1 Sheet 12 dot glue

  • 1. Clean your nail cuticle
  • 2. Use nail file to polish your nails
  • 3. Clean your nails
  • 4. Choose suitable double-side sticker and stick it
  • 5. Choose suitable flase nail tips and stick it
  • 6. Finished and get effect

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  • Self-adhesive, help you to decorate your nail more convenient. A perfect tool/gifts for women who love nail art!
  • Easy to remove, can make the temporary nail reuse, great for temporary nails/natural nails.
  • Self-adhesive, this nail stickers is a convenient way to help decorate your nail
  • Especially for those who are allergic to nail glue or just want a temporary application
  • Suitable for professional use or home use.


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